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Blogging as a Side Hustle

Side hustle are a big thing these days.


Probably because so many people are struggling to make ends meet in traditional jobs.

Also, people want more freedom. They don’t want to be tied to an employer and fixed income for 40+ years.

There are literally thousands of so called side hustles. Ranging from the good old lemondae stand (who woulda thought those 8 year old kids back in 1985 were actually side hustlers?), to creating pretty elaborate websites, apps, online services and so on that cna potentially become a lot more than just a side hustle with enough persistence and hard work.

Blogging as a side hustle is by far one of the most commonly taken up pursuits. Why? It’s cheap, anyone can do it, and it has the potential to earn some money. 99% of people won’t make much or any money blogging. That’s just the truth.

They give up. They expect too much, too soon. And they don’t want to put in the work required to actually make some money by creating a blog.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

Blogging is not a set and forget side hustle. The word hustle is an understatement really. Unless you’re one of the few lucky ones, you’ll be working just as hard as you do in a regular job to make a money earning blog or website.

The difference is that a succesful blog can eventually become a form of passive income to some extent, or it can be sold for a lump sum of money.

Gone are the days where you could put up a WordPress blog, type up a few short articles and watch the visitors and earnings pour in. About 15 years ago people had it easy, but today is a whole different story.