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What Skills Does a Content Writer Need? 6 Vital Skills For Making a Living Writing Content

So you want to be a content writer?

Writing for extra money, or with the goal of eventually earning a full time income, is similar to any other career path you choose to take.

The better you get at it, the more time you spend doing it, and the higher reputation you build for yourself all results in earning more money. Ultimately this means you gain significant freedom in life – after all, content writing can be done from just about anywhere.

Like any profession, content writing requires skills. These aren’t skills you necessarily need to go to college to gain though. Writing articles other types of content is a viable option for anyone who has a good level of speaking and writing skill in your native language.

And like any other form of work, your skill set needs to extend outside the main thing you’ll be doing (writing). In fact, without all of the skills listed below you can struggle to get a consistent income in this line of work.

There are so many people out there now offering their services as a writer. To get work and get paid well for your time and efforts, you need to be able to treat this as a real business and that means switching from a hobby mindset, to a business mindset. Especially if you want your content writing work to become a full time income.

Here are the top 5 skills a budding content writer should have to achieve success:

  • 1. Writing
  • 2. Research
  • 3. Discipline
  • 4. Communication
  • 5. Reliability
  • 6. Consistency

Notice how only two of the above skills relate directly to writing? The rest are interpersonal and motivational skills which are critical if you’re going to be able to generate a consistent income. If you’re happy with the occasional writing job, it’s not so important. But if you want regular work, you need to be delivering on time, liaising well with clients, and generally having clients able to rely on you to deliver what they’re paying for.