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What can I write an ebook about? 4 Ideas for eBooks

What are some ideas to write an eBook about?

Most people who want to write an eBook already have a subject in mind.

There are three main reasons why someone will want to write an eBook:

To make money

To gain subscribers

To share a passion or expertise

What To Write an eBook About: 4 Ideas

Hobby or Passion

If you have a deep passion in life, such as a hobby you regularly engage in, you are in the best position to create an eBook. Why? Because writing about something we love often comes easy. You already know so much – possibly more than 90% of people in the world.

That leaves a huge potential audience of people who can learn from your own experiences.

A hobby you’ve been partaking in for many years can provide a very solid base for your next eBook. Not only that, but you’re much more likely to be motivated to create an eBook about something you love.

You’ll also have an instinctive feel for what your audience wants and needs from an eBook, and how to solve specific problems and questions they might have.

eBooks based on hobbies provide endless opportunities: photography, sports, knitting, cooking, gardening, art… the list could go on forever. The only limit here is your imagination.


Do you have a career and a field of expertise? If so, it’s likely you have valuable knowledge to share with the world.

Whether you’re an expert horticulturalist or gardener, a plumber, an accountant, or a personal trainer, your professional expertise, skills, knowledge and experience are valued far outside just your place of employment.

People love reading eBooks by subject matter experts and those who are “walking the walk” and not just talking the talk.

A Life Experience

Are you a prolific traveller? Have you spent a lifetime raising children?

Have you recovered from hardships in life?

These are just some of thousands of personal life experiences that can make exceptional eBook subjects. People love to read about the insights that everyday people have, and you can put your own very unique stamp on an eBook of this type that no one else can.

Tutorials & Guides

Some of the best eBooks ever made are those which provide guidance, tutorials, and detailed assistance to complete tasks, create things or enhance someone’s life.

This can be anything from eBooks about woodworking that include detailed plans for projects, to self-help style eBooks which provide motivation and spiritual guidance to readers in an effort to improve their outlook on life.

How do I find a purpose for my eBook?

If your purpose for an eBook has not naturally come to you as inspiration, just look around: what part of your life could you share with others that could potentially provide value to their life? We all have our own unique experiences and opinions. Finding a way to share yours through the medium of an eBook is s powerful way of expressing yourself and finding others who can learn from you. Look at your entire life and pinpoint your passions and strengths - these can be the base idea for the purpose of your eBook.

Do eBooks expire?

Just like real books eBooks can never expire. Physical books can of course physically disintegrate to the point they are unreadable. This obviously won't happen with a digital eBook. As for the subject matter - if your eBook is written around a subject that will have long lasting value, it's value and use to readers will never expire.