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How do I know if my ebook is worth publishing?

Have you written an eBook, or want to create an eBook but don’t know if it would be worth publishing?

How can you really know if your eBook is going to get an audience?

Will people really want to read my eBook? This is such a common question and it all comes down to one thing: self doubt.

You are probably thinking “I’m not anyone famous, who would want to read what I write?”

What are your goals?

To work out if it’s going to be worth the time and effort to write and publish your eBook, work out what your goal is.

Is your first and only goal to make money by selling an eBook?

Or do you want to use it to help build an audience and a following?

Or do you simply enjoy writing and want to create your eBook for personal fulfilment?

It’s important to be realistic. If you want to get rich from writing your eBook, it is unlikely to happen.

At least not right away. Your eBook can absolute be a part of your income goals – but unless you already have a large following of loyal readers or customers, you need to factor in promotion to get your eBook sold and that in itself can take a lot more time than the creating of the eBook itself.

If personal fulfilment is your main goal, then nothing should stop you from writing your eBook

Creating a book about something you are passionate about is the most sure fire way of setting yourself up for success. It might not come immediately, but it will potentially open many doors for you in future.

Last but not least, a primary reason many people write ebooks is to use it to attract more readers, more subscribers and more customers. Creating value, whether you give the eBook away for free or put a price on it, builds your reputation and creates many more avenues for other types of revenue into the future.

Why do most eBook authors fail?

There are no statistics out there to tell us that most ebook authors fail, and failure depends on perspective! Failing to make money isn't uncommon for ebook authors. You need to get your work out there and you need to create a high quality, unique ebook that provides value to the reader. eBook authors can fail due to: having expectations that are too high, not putting enough effort into creating the ebook, and finally, failing to adequately promote the ebook to the right audience.

Why are publishers worried about eBooks?

Big publishers might be worried about eBooks because they cut out the middle person - the publisher. There's no replacement for getting a book published through a big publisher. They have the resources to promote your book and get it sold by the thousands through distributors. But for the average DIY eBook creator, getting a publishing contract is unlikely - but certainly not impossible. Small publishers may be worried about eBooks because high profile authors are able to self-publish and promote to their existing audience without the need for a publisher - and this takes profits away from the publishing company.