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Can You Write an eBook in 24 Hours?

You’ve decided you want to write an ebook. You want to get out it there quickly.

Can you write and publish an ebook in 24 hours?

Yes, it is possible to write an eBook in 24 hours.

But let’s not hide from the truth: it will be a huge task to take on.

Firstly, how many hours can you realistically work within that 24 hour period? If you plan to spend the entire day and most of the night writing, it’s possible. Especially if you have existing knowledge about the ebook subject.

There are going to be many things to consider if you’re determined to have your ebook done within 24 hours:

  • How long do you want the ebook to be?
  • Can you write mostly off the top of your head, with minimal research time needed?
  • Do you plan to use some or all PLR content or AI generated content, including rewriting some/all of it?
  • Will you be outsourcing any of the ebook’s content to freelance writers?
  • Do you already have a plan for where and how to sell the ebook once it’s done?

Every step above will add or subtract the time you will need to write your ebook in one day.

There’s no hiding it – you won’t be creating an ebook masterpiece within 24 hours.

But it’s more than possible for you to create a high quality, useful and concise ebook in less than 24 hours.

Whether you plan to sit down with a blank Word document and type up every single word yourself for the ebook, or if you intent to partially or fully use content from outsourced writers, AI, or PLR or a mixture of all these sources – you need an ebook plan to get this done fast.

That means an outline of the ebook, and planning out the chapters or subheadings so you don’t waste time worrying about the basic structure of the ebook.

How many words should your eBook be?

To justify creating an ebook, as opposed to a long article, aim for at least 4000 words.

True, many website articles can reach 4000 words and well beyond that, but you’ll want your ebook to have substance rather than appearing as just a few pages. If you plan to give your ebook away for free, there’s certainly less pressure to make it longer.

But if you want to sell your eBook, you will need to show your potential customers that it’s worth paying for and eBook length is one of the aspects prospective buyers will look at when considering whether to hand over their money.

How do free eBooks make money?

If your plan is to write a fast ebook in 24 hours and give it away for free - how can you make money? Well it's simple: your free ebook giveaway is a way to gain email subscribers or other types of subscriptions. Your 24 hour ebook provides a free gift and incentive for people to become subscribers, where you'll be able build a reputation and loyal following which in turn opens huge sales opportunities in future.

How much does it cost to publish an ebook?

You can publish your ebook at no cost if you want. If you do all the content creation, layout and design yourself - it won't cost anything. You can use free software such as Open Office to create the main document and convert it to a PDF. You can use a free Canva account to create a nice professional cover design and any other graphics inside the ebook. If you're on strict budget, publishing a quality ebook for free is more than possible.